Here’s everything you need to know about the Everyone’s Got an X sew-along. We start on March 15, 2019 will finish up by the end of April.

Photo by Emma Poliquin.

The weekly time commitment is low and the skills we will tackle include skinny strips, offset seams, matched binding. Don’t be alarmed! The main reason I want to host a sew-along for this pattern is to walk you through it without fear. I love Rachel Hauser’s take on what a confident beginner isIt’s a mindset rather than your level experience. If you’re open to learning new things, this sew-along is for you!



I will be sending a weekly email on Monday to those of you who have signed up. Every Tuesday during the sew-along, I will do a live Facebook video to walk you through some key steps. At anytime throughout the week, you can send me a question via email or in the FB group and I’ll answer them in my Tuesday videos as well.

Photo by Emma Poliquin.

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I decided to start a Facebook group to save my live videos there, walking you through each step and answering your questions. (If you’re not on Facebook, let me know and I’ll make sure to get the videos to you in some other format.) Feel free to share your progress there and ask questions, too.If you’re an Instagram user, be sure to tag your progress with #EveryonesGotAnX! I hope the multi-platform approach is not too difficult for you to navigate. I will be sure to link to everything in the Monday emails to keep you informed.


The heaviest weeks are #4 an #5 — quilting and binding — but I’ve left a catch-up week in there for you before we close. Also, this pattern has some beautiful beautiful off-cuts that we will be transforming into improv pieces. This bonus challenge adds a great accessory to the quilt itself, such as a pillow, but can serve merely to stretch yourself creatively if you don’t want to finish it.

Improv pillow from a baby X quilt. Photo by Alyssa Joy Photography.

Quilting Offer

For sew-along participants, Sheri Lund of Violet Quilts is offering 10% off quilting your X quilt and 25% off batting (except wool)! If you want to book her, feel free to schedule it ahead of time so you’re in sync with the sew-along.


For some added fun, we have weekly prizes (weekly!), sponsored by these wonderful partners: LDH Scissors, Spoonflower, FIGO Fabrics, Aurifil, Bijou Lovely, Sew Fine Thread Gloss and Troll Brothers Quilt Designs. I will be drawing names from the list of folks signed up for the sew-along!