Pre-Shrunk 2017: Argyle Fine Art

Entitled “Soft Cut”, this little 4” x 5” piece is on exhibit at Argyle Fine Art in downtown Halifax from January 20 to Feb 11, 2017. Over 300 works are in this annual curated show, now in its 11th year. The submission called for works from both established and emerging artists. Although I am not sure about how I feel about any of those words describing me – “established” or “emerging,” “artist” – I was happy to respond to the call. I had some experimenting I wanted to do, and this was a great opportunity. All pieces are for sale, all for the same price and can be shipped worldwide.

It was my first time using 1/8″ seams, and for this type of work which will hang on a wall rather than be used, it was no issue. The final gemstone measured just under 3″ x 4″.
There is something so liberating about such a tiny textile piece. When you’re learning to draw or paint a landscape or still-life, the first thing to do is a little thumbnail sketch. Just a quick little 3-minute doodle to test your composition before you spend hours, days, or weeks on the real thing. The stakes are low. The time and materials investment is smaller. The worst thing that could happen for me was this: I don’t finish in time to submit. Or I do submit and don’t get accepted. In which case, I did my experiment in tiny-ness and it worked. Testing is an integral part of my process, as with my test trivets on my Land & Sea quilt.
And sometimes the thumbnails turn out better than the real deal.
Here are some of my favourite pieces from my fellow artists.

SOLD Mary Garoutte, Glass House, Oil on Board

Glass House by Mary Garoutte

Kimberley Eddy, From Above #6,  Acrylic, Ink, Shimmer and Resin on Board

From Above #6 by Kimberley Eddy

SOLD Megan LeForte, Green Club, Acrylic on Board

Green Club by Megan Leforte

SOLD Gordon MacDonald, 1817, Oil on Copper

1817 by Gordon MacDonald

Kim Floyd, Tic Tac, Acrylic on Board

Tic Tac by Kim Floyd

Anna Fiander, Cyclone, Acrylic on Canvas

Cyclone by Anna Fiander. Note: The potential quilty goodness that would arise from this painting.

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