A few more people in our community share their ideas of what community means to them. Through the Our Song, Your Reflection project, I wanted to share stories of how community has helped, influenced, transformed the work and lives of quilters/artists/businesspeople. I invited a some to make star blocks and tell us their story. I will be assembling these blocks into a collaborative quilt later this summer.

But first, we could not talk about quilting and community and not talk about our local quilt shops (LQS). They are a meeting place. This is mine, Patch Halifax.

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What's your LQS (for non-quilters, local quilt shop)? I'm sure it has built community around you, like it has for me. This is Chris; she owns my local quilt shop @patchhalifax. We are colleagues. We are friends. She is part of my community. . "I will be eternally grateful for the friendships that have grown within the quilting and sewing community @patchhalifax. I certainly feel like my life has become much happier because of those friendships, but it's also been such a joy to watch other people develop and grow friendships after having shared in the experience of making. I will never forget when two of my dearest quilty friends each told me separately that they were hanging out with the other for a quilting date and it was like watching a pair of teens start dating. So. Much. Joy." . In partnership with Chris, we're able to offer kits for #oursongquilt. Pre-order yours here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/our-song-your-reflection-love-community/x/18098535#/ . Photo: @emmapoliquin . #community #quiltingcommunity #quiltersofinstagram #sewist #sewistsunite

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From Shannon Fraser of Shannon Fraser Designs: “It warms my heart to know that we continue to lift one another up in our individual creative journeys. I’m amazed at the talent we have and our willingness to share our learnings.”

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You know how much I love our community, so when Andrea of @3rdstoryworkshop invited me to help support her new Our Song, Your Reflection project – a collaboration between herself and songwriter @themeaghansmith that focuses on celebrating the importance of community and the passions that connect us – I was totally in! . The lovely connections I’ve made with friends who just get me, the support and encouragement I’ve received and the kindness I’ve seen shared are just some of the reasons I adore being a part of our community. It truly is a place of #communityovercompetition and it warms my heart to know that we continue to lift one another up in our individual creative journeys. I’m amazed at the talent we have and our willingness to share our learnings. It just brightens my day that I’ve found my creative home – I just wish I could hang with more of you in person. Plus, where else can we go to talk about our love of fabric without someone getting that glazed over look in their eyes?! 😉💕 . This stunning star is one element of the gorgeous #oursongquilt Andrea designed (swipe for a full picture of the quilt). You can get the song, pre-order the quilt pattern and fabric kit, get limited-edition swag (enamel pin!), and share your community's story in the music video through this project! Link in @3rdstoryworkshop profile. . #quiltingcommunityisawesome

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From Mathew Boudreaux of Mister Domestic: “To me, the quilting community is an utopia of acceptance and inclusion, where uniqueness and individuality are celebrated. You do you absolutely. ”

From Kim Soper of Leland Ave Studios: “Does a craft make us more compassionate? I truly believe it does, and here is why: we all feel a need to belong to something greater than ourselves.”

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You guys are really special. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year through your words, your generosity, and your interviews — it’s that the quilting community is full of amazing, wonderful people. That’s why I gladly said “yes” when Andrea Tsang Jackson @3rdstoryworkshop asked me to participate in her project Our Song, Your Reflection – a collaborative effort between herself and songwriter @themeaghansmith, celebrating community and the connections we build through our crafts. One of the questions I ask in #TheCreativityProject2018 is whether or not having a craft makes us more compassionate. I truly believe it does, and here is why: we all feel a need to belong to something greater than ourselves. We all want to feel that our lives mean something, and that we are contributing to this world in a meaningful way. Having a craft, and being a part of a crafting community, is a way to create that connection to something beyond ourselves. When we are connected in community by something that we pour our hearts and souls into, we are connected in a powerful and meaningful way. Having that meaning in our lives gives us the courage to be present for others and gives us the love and self-value that we can then pass on to others. Without craft, and the crafting community, there would be less connection and less compassion in the world. I truly believe this. This is the 6.5 inch star that I made as part of the collaborative quilt Andrea is going to compile to accompany the #oursongquilt. You can see a full picture of the original quilt if you swipe right. And if you go to the link in Andrea’s profile @3rdstoryworkshop you can get the song, pre-order the pattern, purchase a fabric kit to make the quilt, and so much more. #bettertogether #creativelifehappylife #modernquilting #quilting #quiltingcommunity #lelandavestudios #3rdstoryworkshop #community #whyiquilt #whyicreate #makersofinstagram

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Stay tuned for more odes to community. This is Our Song.