I have teamed up with award-winning songwriter and musician Meaghan Smith to create Our Song, Your Reflectiona celebration of community through music and quilting. The project gets to the core of what makes us tick as creatives — connecting people and connecting with people through our art. The project is structured as a crowdfunding campaign that invites contributors to be a part of the “Your Reflection” music video, to increase offerings associated with the release of the song and the quilt pattern, and to celebrate the “us” in our communities.


The crowdfunding goal aims to cover the project costs. These include the music, video, and photography production; quilt design, sample making, pattern development and testing, sourcing 34 different fabrics to make fabric kits, marketing photography and extra campaign perks. We want to ensure that every person that is a part of the process is compensated for their efforts.

Through the campaign, you can get the song and pre-order the pattern and/or fabric kit. Other special campaign perks include a limited-edition enamel pin, a lyric art print, coffee dates with Andrea and quilting retreat instruction. These offerings will not be available to the public after the campaign ends.


When I entered the quilting world in 2016, I found a community of supportive and generous people who find joy in their work and through connecting with other quilters. I wanted to draw that out and highlight what that means to me to find a place where you belong. Through this collaboration with Meaghan, I am able to celebrate it in a unique way — with words, music and a design that expresses exactly the sentiment that many people feel. The unique aspect of the project is the way that people can share images of their own community through the music video. We want to hear your stories about how being part of a community has impacted you — your quilting guild, your sewing friends, your hockey team, your running club, your family, whoever your people are.

Ways You Can Help

Gift the song or another perk to your friend, your quilty aunt, your crafty BFF, your people. Share the campaign with people outside the quilting world. We know that they have similar feelings about their communities and would love to hear their stories, too.

Finding a place where you belong is not an everyday thing. Let’s celebrate the “us” in our lives.