When I wrote this article about Classic Blue, the 2020 Pantone Institute’s Colour of the Year, I had no idea that the year that would ensue would reflect exactly the projections: Classic Blue represents calm and stability in an uncertain world. Fat Quarterly No. 3 with its accompanying pattern, Guided Flight, reflected this need to feel peaceful. The colours and patterns of sky and sea inspired this edition of Keephouse X 3rd Story’s collaboration.

As we navigated isolation and quarantine amidst a global pandemic, a shocking mass shooting happened in our small province of Nova Scotia. It hit our community hard and the inability to gather to mourn piled onto the grief. We were not allowed to go to the beach at that time either, and that was yet another hit to the heart. I felt like we needed something that evoked a sense of comfort, home, and the Atlantic.
Alissa of Keephouse played with cut paper to produce these textured stones. Many of the beaches by her home and studio on the Eastern Shore are filled with these smooth shapes and interesting textures.
I designed the second print in this bundle; this is the first time that I have put any of my drawings to fabric for commercial purposes.  I had a series of these types of drawings from my 2019 sketchbook. I had tried to put them in repeat last year but the composition of it lent itself better to a defined area of a fat quarter. The ideas of sky, clouds, fog, rain, waves, and ocean are all captured in these line drawings.
This bundles also includes a linen/cotton stripe, which adds even more interest to the combination.
Although this edition of Fat Quarterly came from a difficult place, we are so delighted to release this pattern and these fabrics to you! You can get yours here: Fat Quarterly No. 3 by Keephouse X 3rd Story.
Quilted by Amanda Nielsen of The Butler Did It.