Banner Year is the first 3rd Story Workshop pattern that is traditionally pieced, and not paper pieced! This is a beginner-friendly pattern that comes together quickly and fits a nursery, pre-teen or teen’s room or a living room depending on the colour palette you choose. The pattern comes with instruction with a “spectrum” colour option and a “scrappy” option. The spectrum is a rainbow with rows in different hues, as shown below.


Quilt by Adrienne Klenck of Seam Work.

Here are some other colour options to consider:

First up is a staggered rainbow. It takes all the same fabric selection and block construction as the original “spectrum” option and rearranges the colours for a diagonal colour arrangement. It’s just as orderly but gives is a different sort of pizzazz. Here it’s shown in with neutral backgrounds to let the happy colours shine in all their glory.

For the lap size (shown at left): Take one banner from each colour grouping for each row, starting with the following colours:

  • Row 1: Pink
  • Rows 2 & 3: Yellow
  • Rows 4 & 5: Teal
  • Rows 6 & 7: Purple

For the twin size (shown at right): Take five (5) pairs of banners from each colour grouping for each row. Each row will start with a different colour, as in the original pattern.

Above, we have some monochromatic schemes with dark backgrounds. The blue lap sized pictured at left has all banners in each row using the same fabrics for the banners. The dark green to the left has is more randomized. It could be a scrappy selection of fabrics all in the same hue/colour.

Here, we see a neutral and monochromatic colour scheme to the left. Each banner is constructed with the same fabrics all the way through. To the right, we see a monochromatic and scrappy selection with a neutral background. Here’s what that could looks like in a finished quilt:

Is there a sports fan in your life? There is certainly a couple that live in my house. Using a complementary background colour with a monochromatic set of banners makes them look like pennants.

You can see how Banner Year could be really sophisticated or fitting for a fun kid’s room. It represent different things depending on your fabric selections. Play around with some fabrics from your stash and have fun with it!

Banner Year in V & Co. Ombre Confetti. The instructions for this baby quilt in these fabrics is included in the pattern as a special insert.