Our Song

Andrea Tsang Jackson is an award-winning quilter, textile artist and designer; Meaghan Smith is an award-winning songwriter and musician. Together we created Our Song, Your Reflection to celebrate community through music and quilting. The project gets to the core of what makes us tick as creatives — connecting people and connecting with people through our art.

Get the Our Song, Your Reflection pattern here. There are a number of limited edition pins and fabric kits left as well.

Got the pattern and looking for some tutorials, tips and tricks? Lone Star tips are here and how to attach a pieced binding is here.

Photo by Deborah Wong.

When Andrea entered the quilting world in 2016, she found a community of supportive and generous people who find joy in their work and through connecting with other quilters. She wanted to draw that out and highlight what that means to her to find a place where you belong. Through this collaboration with Meaghan, she was able to celebrate it in a unique way — with words, music and a design that expresses exactly the sentiment that many people feel.

The crowdfunding campaign from Spring 2018 covered most of the project costs. These included the music, video, and photography production; quilt design, sample making, pattern development and testing, sourcing 34 different fabrics to make fabric kits, marketing photography and extra campaign perks. We wanted to ensure that every person that was part of the creation process was compensated for their efforts.

Our Song, Your Reflection in Alison Glass Kaleidoscope. Quilted by Violet Quilts.
Photo by Quilt Photography Co.

As part of the campaign, Andrea assembled a group of quilters to make the twinkly stars of the quilt pattern and share stories of how community has helped, influenced, transformed the work and lives of quilters/artists/businesspeople. Check out What Does Community Mean to You? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. She assembled their stars into a quilt, Our Song II. Read about it here.

Want to try a smaller version of this quilt? Give Our Song: Swan a try!

Our Song II, with contributions 15 quilters from around the world.

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